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If you are reading this then you have been told that you have a problem with cholesterol. You are possibly already on drugs to help address this; or been told that you should take them. Or you could be in the position I was in just a year ago when my doctor’s told me that the main arteries in my heart were more than 90% blocked by cholesterol and that without an extensive, and incidentally life threatening operation, I would die.

Well I didn’t have the operation and I didn’t die – well, not yet. But the fact remains that today I have a normal life expectancy for my age, I am 54 years old; and that was something I didn’t have a year ago so I am grateful for that. When I went to the doctor just last month I was told that my arteries are more than 90% open and operational and I have the health of a 32 year old. I have amazing quality of life – yes I changed my diet a bit, and do a bit more than I used to in the “exercise” category but none of the things I do in my life today feels like a sacrifice, or a hardship or even a chore. So how did I do that when a year ago I was virtually a living corpse?

This book explains the whole system - what cholesterol is and how we "get" it; a brief rundown on the typical medications used to treat high cholesterol as well as an action plan, diet tips and even recipes to get you going. Follow the action plan and within 30 days your cholesterol levels will be considerably lower.

Health & Well-Being
April 4
Lisa Oliver

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