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Publisher Description

A Deeper Well is the culmination of a lifetime of seeking God. The journey of a penitent heart in turmoil, spent yet contrite, determined to find the perpetual peace that one can only find through a life surrendered to the creator. After being raised in a Christian home by a mother who was an ardent follower of Christ, I was baptized at age 14 and accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I soon walked away from my Christian principles, and found myself desiring the things of the world. All my disappointments hurt and anger were tossed over the wall I built around my heart. Life became tumultuous and it took me years to realize that the wonderfully made me had disappeared, giving place to someone I no longer recognized. Something was missing.

In 1998 I migrated to Florida and was invited to church by my sister. I started attending services every Sunday, and became a regular tither. One night, while praying, I found myself sobbing. With a great sob and as if without my own effort, I was prostrate on the ground crying out to God. At that moment I surrendered my life to Him. The prayers and poems in A Deeper Well reflect my journey, the purging of my heart and finding my way back home to God. These poems are inspirations of situations and circumstances that I have encountered in daily life. The words are not my own, but the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who fills my thoughts and flows through my pen onto the pages. An awesome experience!

Fiction & Literature
August 25