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An innocent visit to a school parents' evening brought me back in contact with an old flame, now a teacher. Once the evening was over, she begged me to give her a very different sort of education ...

The surprise over, and the serious flirtation starting, I was much more relaxed. Which meant, unfortunately, that I was taking another sip when she said, “You f****d my sister as well, didn’t you?”
This time the orange juice went everywhere, and she broke into peals of laughter.
“Did you know that she told me?” she asked as I mopped up the drink that had spilled down my shirt. “We always shared everything, and she told me the next morning. She said you were very good. Of course, she was very inexperienced.”
“Thanks,” I drawled. “That’s hardly a recommendation, then.”
“Oh, don’t worry,” she grinned. “I was far more experienced, and I thought you were good. Very good, in fact.”
I decided to be bold. “So, do you fancy it now? Because I think you’re gorgeous, and I’ve had little on my mind since we met in the car park.”
This was the point where Tania had a few choices. She could take offence and leave. Or, she could politely turn me down, and leave. Or …
She sighed. “My husband’s a prick. I married him for money, although I suppose I did love him at first. To some extent I do still love him. But he’s still a prick. And the worst thing is, he’s screwing behind my back. He doesn’t think I know, but I do.”
“Who’s he screwing?”
“Everyone and anyone he can, as far as I can tell. At the moment it’s his secretary. She’s very cute, and quite nice, if a little stupid. He’s supposed to be working late tonight, but I know for a fact that he’s actually taking her out to dinner, and will then spend a few hours fucking her brains out in her flat.
“So,” she went on, “now that you ask, yes, I do fancy it. I’ve had enough of being the perfect little wife at home, while he sticks himself up every willing pussy he can find. And now that I’ve met you again, and have good memories … well, why not?”
I stared at her, amazed by her frankness, and also that she seemed so willing to take me up on what had been a crazy attempt at a pick-up. “Really?”
“Really. Let’s go back to yours, now. But I have one condition.”

What that condition is, you can find out for yourself.

Fiction & Literature
July 20
Peter Seleucus

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