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"A holiday romance that is perfect for the season." - USA Today

A breakup before Christmas is the worst.  Especially when I was thinking THIS was going to be the year I get a ring.

What's a girl to do?

Get to your best girlfriend, drink wine, eat ice cream, and do some good old-fashioned man bashing for starters.

But my plans go up in smoke when it's not my best girlfriend who comes to pick me up from the airport, but instead my childhood best friend.

Jax was my other half.  The only other man I've loved. The one I could have a whole conversation with just one glance.  Probably still could, if I could stand to look into his killer blue eyes long enough.

He's the last person I want to share my heartbreak with.  He broke my heart a long time ago. 

I've always been on Santa's nice list.  That's who I am.  So I'll smile, drink, be merry, and try to ignore Jax looking at me like I'm his Christmas gift.

A man is not on my Christmas list — gentleman or not.

November 26
Prescott Lane

Customer Reviews

CeeCeeHouston ,

I loved this story.

A Gentleman for Christmas by Prescott Lane was a quick, fast paced dip into the rulebook of genteman. Said gentleman being Jax, the male lead here. He took the rules he and his best friends had growing up and made a successful business out if them. He’s rich and in demand, but he’s lonely. He lost Skylar, the only girl he ever loved ten years ago to his best friend, Luke. They have been together ever since.
Now, Skylar has come back home for Christmas and she has an unexpected gift for Jax.
She and Luke have broken up. And thanks to Skyar’s own best friend, they now have to spend the holidays together in Jax’s house.
But, those rules, man. They can’t be broken.
Can they?
Jax knows he’s only got one chance to change the mistakes he made in the past, and letting Skylar go isn’t one of them. But will she feel the same way?
Skylar just wanted to come home and wallow in misery with her best friend, but with Maci sick, she can’t stay with her as she planned. But staying with Jax? After how their friendship crashed and burned their senior year of high school. That’s not something she was expecting to do.
But, Jax has grown up, he’s still the same guy, but hotter and sexier and it’s not long before she’s feeling the effects of being in such close proximity to him, and when he tells her the truth from all those years ago, she has no way to fight her emotions.
Will this just be a rebound kind of fling, or is it the real deal?
I loved this book. The characters were fantastic, their chemistry spot on and Jax made the perfect gentleman caveman. Lol. Super hot and super sweet at the same time. I highly recommend this for some light, early Christmas reading by a toasty fire.

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