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In July 2012, Malcolm Bartsch presented the inaugural Fritzsche

Oration for the Australian Lutheran Institute for Theology and Ethics

(ALITE), the newly established research centre for Australian Lutheran

College. The topic of Bartsch’s oration was Fifty years of Lutheran

schooling: achievements, opportunities (missed opportunities?) and challenges,

and in it, he outlined not only his own experiences and insights into

the recent history of Australian Lutheran schooling, but was able to

most effectively absorb and include the contributions of educators and

theologians across the LCA to the history of Australian Lutheranism.

In this latest book from Bartsch, A God who speaks and acts: theology for

teachers in Lutheran schools, he has been able to again capture and include

not only his own wisdom and rich experience in Lutheran education,

but has again intelligently and effectively included the thoughts of

several significant Lutheran educators and theologians. People such

as Zweck, Koch, Hauser, Hebart and Jennings – deep thinkers in the

Australian Lutheran context – add to Bartsch’s writings and provide

a most worthwhile and thorough theological journey for teachers in

Lutheran schools to venture into. Even more so, Martin Luther’s writings

on Lutheran education and theology are inexorably intertwined into

Bartsch’s well written dialogue. This enables the reader to be taken

deep into Lutheran theology and in the case of the Lutheran teacher, to

identify their own and their school’s raison d’être.

This book contains the theological essentials for Lutheran educators

and is written in a way which is not only understandable but can

be applied in the daily challenges of school teaching, learning and

planning. I strongly encourage chaplains, teachers and principals

to read and consider these theological essentials to enhance their

understandings, discussions and daily work.

Religion & Spirituality
October 22
Lutheran Education Australia