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A barista tied to her hometown and a tattoo artist full of wanderlust collide in this sweet romance novella.

Chrissie loves Greyshore but her mother's cafe has struggled for years. When her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend asks her to host a Valentine's speed dating she's determined to reverse their fortunes but there's another problem. The new tattoo parlour above her cafe only means trouble, as proved when the handsome tattoo artist destroys something close to her heart.

Lucas doesn't call anywhere home. He searches for inspiration, working anywhere until he gets bored. He's only passing through Greyshore but a gorgeous barista catches his eye and imagination in a way nobody has before. Even after a disastrous first meeting, he can't stay away from Chrissie and her quiet passion.

Tensions run high as deceptions are revealed and Valentine's nears, but will Chrissie and Lucas realise they've found something special together? Or will it be another lonely grey Valentine's for both?

Comes with a short discussion guide designed for book groups.

December 2
Mary Conway

Customer Reviews

beth healey ,


If you're looking for something short & sweet, well-written, laugh-out-loud funny and characters with real depth this is for you. The romance is definitely a whirlwind, but paces itself well in the context of the novella, and both Lucas & Chrissie are so likeable and realistic. In fact all the characters feel true-to-life without ever being cliché! And so many potential stereotypes are spun on their head, I genuinely did not predict the plot (where some romances it is blindingly obvious). The setting as well, of winter-time Devon, manages to be beautiful despite the blustery British weather. Highly recommend! Can't wait for more from the author!

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