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Practical Support For Achieving A Hangover Free Life: Your Guide to Quitting For Good.

Do I really have a problem with alcohol?
This was a question that I asked myself repeatedly when I was still drinking. Usually when I had said or done something that left me feeling embarrassed or when I was very hung-over. By the time the hangover was disappearing the question would be forgotten and another drink would be poured. Cutting down or stopping was always put off until tomorrow.

If you aren’t yet ready to quit this e-book will help you think about ways that you could manage your drinking so that you can work on drinking less, both in terms of the amount you drink and the frequency you drink. Maybe like me you’ve tried that already and you’re here to stop completely.

A Hangover Free Life provides advice, support and encouragement to help people manage their drinking and quit for good. This e-book was developed by Louise Rowlinson, a health care professional within the UK NHS healthcare system, and someone who tried to moderate their drinking for years and eventually decided that it was just easier to stop completely. And so she did on 21st September 2013 and wrote about her journey on a blog which you can visit at www.ahangoverfreelife.com. In November 2014 she also launched an online course expanding on the content covered in the book and you can see the course at: https://www.udemy.com/ahangoverfreelife/

Stopping drinking has meant savings of over £2650, 12lbs in weight lost and any symptoms of anxiety or depression have all but gone. Life is better in every way!

This e-book is for you if you want to look at your relationship with booze and want to change it, be that temporarily or permanently. What have you got to lose? You can always go back to drinking if you change your mind. Although you might find, like me, that life is so much better without alcohol that you'd rather stay hangover free.

Louise is a public health nurse whose writing is based on the knowledge and skills acquired as a general nurse with alcoholic liver disease experience, as well as her experiences as a psychology graduate, research assistant to Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Samaritan volunteer and post graduate specialist community public health nurse, but most importantly, as a person who was psychologically dependent on alcohol and who is now in the early stages of recovery.

Praise for A Hangover Free Life:
I have followed the blog that Louise set up since she stopped drinking. During her first year of sobriety she researched the subject with a passion second to none. I read with interest all the articles, information and discussions that she printed in her blog. Now Louise has created a course to help other people who are wanting to cut down or stop drinking. The course is packed with information and Louise talks about her own personal experience. I would recommend her course and her book to anyone who is looking for help.

Jane James
BACP Accredited Counsellor

Health & Well-Being
January 23
Louise Rowlinson