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The complete History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages, by master-historian Charles Oman. Excellent in scope and execution, Oman's history of the art of war during the middle ages is a must-read for anyone interested in medieval history. Covering the period from the Fall of Rome to the Hundred Years' War, Oman displays his narrative skill in conveying both the beauty and the horror of warcraft during the middle ages. 

Contents include: 

Book I: The Transition from Roman to Mediæval Forms in War 

The Last Days of the Legion A.D. 235–450 

Belisarius and the Goths A.D. 450–552 

Book II: The Early Middle Ages A.D. 500–768 

The Visigoths, Lombards, and Franks 

The Anglo-Saxons 

Book III: From Charles the Great to the Battle of Hastings A.D. 768–1066 

Charles the Great and the Early Carolingians A.D. 768–850 

The Vikings A.D. 800–900 

The Vikings Turned Back A.D. 900–1000 

The Magyars A.D. 896–973 

Arms and Armour A.D. 800–1100 

Siegecraft A.D. 800–1100 

The Last Struggles of Infantry 

Book IV: The Byzantines A.D. 579–1204 

Historical Development of the Byzantine Army 

Arms and Organization of the Byzantine Army 

Strategy and Tactics of the Byzantine Army 

Decline of the Byzantine Army 1071–1204 

Book V: The Crusades 1097–1291 


The Grand Strategy of the Crusades 

The Tactics of the Crusaders 

The Tactics of the Crusaders – continued 

The Great Defeats of the Crusaders – Carrhae, Harenc, Tiberias, Acre, Mansourah 

Book VI: Western Europe from the Battle of Hastings to the Rise of the Longbow 


The Armies of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries 

English Battles and their Tactics 1100–1200 

English Battles of the Thirteenth Century 

Continental Battles, 1100–1300 

Arms and Armour 1100–1300 

Fortification and Siegecraft 1100–1300 

Book VII: England and Scotland 1296–1333 

England and Scotland 1296–1328 

Continuation of the Scottish War 

Book VIII: The Longbow in France and Spain 1337–1370 

The Hundred Years’ War: The Armies of Edward III 

The Longbow in France – Creçy 

Poictiers, Cocherel, and Auray 1356–64 

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