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Sir Charles Oman brings medieval warfare to life in this epic work of military history. He traces the evolution of weaponry, strategy and tactics from the end of the Roman legions to the final battlefield dominance of the armored knight. Many conflicts are discussed in depth, including those of the Byzantine Empire, the Viking invasions, the Crusades, the Hundred Years War, and the English wars against the Scottish. Additional chapters cover advances in siege warfare and defenses, and the varied recruitment and organization methods of different armies. This ebook edition includes an active table of contents, reflowable text, over 30 campaign maps and battle diagrams, and all of Oman’s extensive footnotes.

Table of Contents:

Book I: The Transition from Roman to Mediæval Forms in War, A.D. 235–552

 * 1. The Last Days of the Legion, A.D. 235–450.

 * 2. Commencement of the Supremacy of Cavalry, A.D. 450–552.

Book II: The Early Middle Ages, A.D. 500–768

 * 1. The Visigoths, Lombards, and Franks.

 * 2. The Anglo-Saxons.

Book III: From Charles the Great to the Battle of Hastings, A.D. 768–1066

 * 1. Charles the Great and the Early Carolingians.

 * 2. The Vikings.

 * 3. The Vikings turned back. The Feudal Horseman and the Feudal Castle. The Thegn and the Burh.

 * 4. The Magyars.

 * 5. Arms and Armour (800–1100).

 * 6. Siegecraft and Fortification.

 * 7. The Last Struggles of Infantry. Hastings and Dyrrhachium.

Book IV: The Byzantines, A.D. 579–1204

 * 1. Historical Development of the Byzantine Army.

 * 2. Arms and Organisation of the Byzantine Army.

 * 3. Strategy and Tactics of the Byzantine Army.

 * 4. Decline of the Byzantine Army (1071–1204).

Book V: The Crusades, A.D. 1097–1291

 * 1. Introductory.

 * 2. The Grand Strategy of the Crusades.

 * 3. The Tactics of the Crusades.

 * 4. The Tactics of the Crusades. continued.

 * 5. The Great Defeats of the Crusaders.

Book VI: Western Europe. From the Battle of Hastings to the Rise of the Longbow

 * 1. Introductory.

 * 2. The Armies of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.

 * 3. English Battles and their Tactics (1100–1200).

 * 4. English Battles and their Tactics (1200–1272).

 * 5. Continental Battles (1100–1300).

 * 6. Arms and Armour (1100–1300).

 * 7. Fortification and Siegecraft (1100–1300).

Book VII: England and Scotland, A.D. 1296–1333. Development of the Longbow

 * 1. England and Scotland (1296–1328).

 * 2. England and Scotland (1328–1333). First Combination of Archery and Dismounted Cavalry.

Book VIII: The Longbow Beyond the Seas

 * 1. The Armies of Edward III.

 * 2. The Longbow in France: Creçy.

 * 3. Poictiers, Cocherel, and Auray.

 * 4. Navarette and Aljubarotta.

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