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This is a hot BDSM story about a gorgeous young single mother who discovers she is a submissive woman at the hands of her son's teacher. Miss Hadrian is a dominatrix by nature and she gets off on playing Mistress to train horny young submissives when she is lucky enough to stumble across them. When she is kept waiting for a parents evening by one of her parents, she's not in the best of moods. She changes her mind instantly though when she meets the single mother. Stacie is a very horny young woman with just the sort of innocent looks that Sarah goes for. Her body language immediately mark her out as a submissive to this experienced Mistress and she plans to take full advantage of the fact.


Sarah assessed her young student carefully. She had already broken her and the delicious young woman was hers for the taking but she still had to take things carefully and keep her under control or at this early stage she could lose her. Her eyes roamed over the exposed flesh. Her tits must have been at least a 38D and looked very firm. Stacie had a substantial bra on but didn't look as though she really needed it. Her stomach was flat and flared out to what could definitely be called child bearing hips. Her cotton panties were stretched tightly over a very prominent mound and the hungry teacher couldn't wait to see what was hidden. She knew she would not have to wait much longer.

Getting up from her desk, Sarah took her big handbag with her and walked behind the young MILF. She could feel Stacie’s nervousness as she vanished behind her and knew she was dying to turn round but didn't dare. Reaching in to her bag, she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and commanded her to put her arms behind her back to secure them in place. She then reached into her bag took out a pair of surgical scissors, before turning the young woman to face her.

Looking Stacie in the eyes, Sarah slowly and meticulously snipped her bra straps and let the cups drop away to reveal a set of very perky breasts. “You are absolutely gorgeous, Stacie,” she said and gently stroked the soft skin around her nipples. Stacie bit her lip and moaned, not really knowing how to react. Have you ever made love to another woman? Sarah asked.

A 5,000 word short story about the coming out of a submissive woman that is guaranteed to satisfy both sexes who are looking for a hot erotic read. Not suitable for under eighteens.

Fiction & Literature
9 November
Erotic Dreams

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