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Kunwar Narayan writes in one of his diaries, it is not necessary that we see our time standing in our own time, we can see it from some predictable point of future or even from the past. To read and capture them is to get acquainted with the country of the Indian mind of the last century, where there are also paved roads of the mysteries of the Upanishadic life, and by walking on those paths also develops the sense of appraisal of one's time. 

Poem ( song )

now I have a small house
and live in a big world

ever i a very big house

and lived in a small world

from low walls 
makes a big difference

no walls
So the house becomes bigger than the world

Get out of the angry and sad atmosphere for a while,

Take a walk, check yourself a little, the reason will be found,

Try to do any of your favorite work, think after calming down, reason, try to rectify the mistake, if the mistake is yours, if it is someone else's mistake, then sorry, it will be very nice to see it.

If someone insults you, then control your anger at that time as if you have won to climb a mountain, but at that time you will answer them, then the matter will go ahead and I will tell you what to do at that time, read the points given below carefully.
When someone insults you, stay calm and face the person who insults you and pretend as if you don't care.Now react as if the person in front is telling a joke not insulting you, keep a smile on your face, because of this the person who insults you will find himself strange.When you feel that now you have to go from there, then say this with a smile! It is done that there is something else left, the person in front will say yes.During that time you have to control your anger, keep in mind that if you react up, then the person in front will think that he has bowed you with his words.
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I did not understand these things of his at that time what he says, but now I understand that he is absolutely right.Anger acts as both a weakness and a strength in our life, it depends on us how we use it.

Suppose you have bitter gourd, gourd vegetable in your food, you get nausea on seeing it. Is it the fault of bitter gourd or yours?'The root cause of your anger is not that thing or person, but you' - if you realize this fact, then you will understand how foolish it is to be angry.You tell me, do you like people who want to rule over you? Or those who take you in their arms like a friend by putting their hands on their shoulders?Each place may have to work differently. But maintain the affection without missing your original nature which is affection.

This eBook is a guide and serves as a fist guide. In addition, please get expert advise.  Rohit Bhargav  is a good philosopher worked under many Indian history writers. He used content in this book on his knowledge and some content taken from different newsletter & magazines. 

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