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The final book in the A Plain Jane series...

What if you had lived your whole life thinking you were normal? No, worse than normal – plain? What would happen if one of the most highly-trained and vicious assassins in the galaxy attacked you one warm summer's night? What would happen if you were thrust into an adventure with the galaxy's greatest heroic heart-throb? What would happen if a mysterious and ancient race appeared with one desire – to kill you? What would you do?

Jane grew up knowing one thing: she's nothing but normal. But then one little run-in with an assassin robot threatens to destroy everything she thought she knew about herself. Soon she finds herself with none other than Lucas Stone, the galaxy's number one pin up and hero. And together the two of them have to find out exactly who Jane is and what's after her before the galaxy is plunged into war.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 2
Odette C. Bell

Customer Reviews

baldrick24 ,

The Plain Jane series

The stories are all good - much action and (sometimes - there are rather 'dorkish' passages) the dialogue is generally well set out.

BUT .....

The editing and spell- checking is, frankly, very sloppy. In more than nor place character names have been incorrectly switched. for example at least one point where the name Marie has been put where the context demands Miranda - and a reader will know that those two should not be mixed up.

I am aware that the publications state that they are in 'American English' - but being English myself I feel that classification is a contradiction of terms.

But that being said - I find it difficult to accept the need for sloppy editing and proof reading - the combination of these faults does detract a lot from smooth enjoyment of what are otherwise good yarns.

Apart from these faults I can rate the series with 4 stars.

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