A Practical Guide To: UK Employment Law A Practical Guide To: UK Employment Law

A Practical Guide To: UK Employment Law

For HR Professionals, Managers & Employees

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    • £29.99

Publisher Description

In the premier instalment of the "A Practical Guide To" series, which tackles many Human Resources subjects, "UK Employment Law" delves into the intricate rights, obligations, and prerequisites of companies in employment.

This comprehensive guide navigates critical topics, such as the elements of an employment contract and holiday policies, to the complexities of employment tribunals.
Designed to be a user-friendly resource, the book is ideal for Human Resources professionals and employees who wish to understand the laws that shape their employment.  Furthermore, it is an indispensable tool for international businesses contemplating an expansion into the UK.  The guide ensures they are well-informed and fully compliant with the numerous subtleties inherent in the country's labour laws.

Highlights of the Book

* Provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of all the critical aspects of UK Employment Law, making it a valuable resource for professionals.
* It is enriched with intriguing facts and real-world scenarios to provide a practical understanding of the subject matter.
* Incorporates 110 'Test Yourself' questions at the end of each chapter to solidify your knowledge and promote active learning.
* Features insightful case studies of authentic employment tribunal outcomes, elucidating how these rulings have influenced the evolution of the law.
* It contains a 'Glossary of Common Employment Law Terms', explaining over 100 commonly used terms in an easy-to-understand manner, making it an excellent reference tool.
* Outlines and summarises frequently referenced employment laws, including their latest amendments, ensuring readers stay updated with the legal landscape.


* Chapter 1: An Overview of UK Employment Law
* Chapter 2: Rights & Responsibilities
* Chapter 3: Employment Contracts
* Chapter 4: Wages, Benefits & Pensions
* Chapter 5: Health & Safety in the Workplace
* Chapter 6: Resolving Issues in the Workplace
* Chapter 7: Employment Tribunal
* Chapter 8: Employment Tribunal Case Studies
* Chapter 9: Future of Employment Law in the UK
* Appendix I: Common Terms in UK Employment Law
* Appendix II: Glossary of Frequently Cited Laws
* Appendix III: Resources for Further Exploration
* Appendix IV: Test Yourself - The Answers
* Appendix V: Credits & Sources
* Appendix VI: Index

About the Author

Michael Bear ACIPD is a highly skilled Human Resources Professional, boasting over 15 years of experience in managing and implementing HR processes.  He has also been instrumental in the training and development of stakeholders and employees on workplace matters.  Having worked with a multinational household name brand, various startups, and a significant player in the charity sector, Michael has gained a comprehensive overview of HR practices in the  UK and beyond.

A consummate academic, Michael is captivated by process, precedent, and protocol matters.  However, he also possesses the rare ability to translate complex concepts gleaned from these into easily understandable explanations.  He is completing an MSc in Human Resources Management at the highly prized University of London, marking him as one of the UK HR profession’s most promising talents.

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