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‘An inspiring, uplifting novel about an extraordinary young woman who refuses to let anything stand in the way of her love and her dream’JULIE COHEN

'A wonderful book about the beautiful Alice Martineau that both inspired meand made me cry uncontrollably when I finished it' SUNDAY TIMES

fell in love with Alice the moment he saw her. He realises that being with her will not be easy, but she is a force of nature, a burst of sunlight in his otherwise ordinary world. 
Some people might look at Alice and think she has everything, but Alice knows she is not like other women. Her life is complicated, unpredictable, difficult. Alice does not like pity. All she wants to do – all she's ever wanted to do – is sing.

Alice has been told not to follow her dreams. So has Tom. But when fate has already dealt a tough hand, it’s time to stop listening to everyone else and follow their hearts . . .

A heart-wrenching read ... A moving story of an extraordinary young woman and the triumph of her spirit against huge odds SUNDAY EXPRESS

'It's impossible to get to the end of this powerful and poignant story without a lump in the throat SUNDAY MIRROR
An extraordinary story that goes straight to the heart. Alice Peterson celebrates her namesake with great understanding and skill, acknowledging the frailties and strengths, the ambitions and the talent of an amazing young woman’ JANET ELLIS, author of THE BUTCHER'S HOOK

'What a beautiful, passionate story. I couldn’t physically put the book down… I had to keep on reading’  ALICE BEER

‘Touching and vivid… A book that will live on in the hearts of many’ CASILDA GRIGG 

‘Brought Alice's soul to life. This book had me in tears, my favourite book of the year' LIZZY WARD THOMAS

‘An emotional, uplifting page-turner, inspired by the true story of the singer, Alice Martineau, that celebrates making every moment in life count, and never giving up’  JO CHARRINGTON, CAPITOL RECORDS 

'If you read nothing else this year, please read this book! You won’t regret it' Reading between the pages... (blog)

Fiction & Literature
February 9
Simon & Schuster UK

Customer Reviews

Marmar23568643157 ,


What an amazing book... so emotional but I couldn’t put it down.

zvajiudhswa ,

Great read

Couldn’t put it down

Lillysmile ,

Inspiring, uplifting.

The author has brought a delightful narrative into a story whereby you know the ending before you've begun - which is hard. Alice's and her family's stories are hard to read - it isn't a slushy or pitying book - inspiring and truly honest.

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