A Step By Step Guide to Restoring Dental Implants A Step By Step Guide to Restoring Dental Implants

A Step By Step Guide to Restoring Dental Implants

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When starting to work with implants, the journey can at first seem a daunting one, however with a good understanding of the stages involved in the process - treatment planning, surgery and restoration - you will be able to discuss your patients’ implant options with confidence. With a good background knowledge you will be in a position to advise them on the possibilities of implants both as a replacement for missing teeth, or as as a support for their dentures.

This ibook aims to break down the processes of implant treatment planning and restoration into a series of simple steps.

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    23 May
    Ten Dental Publishing

    Customer Reviews

    Sophia Pottinger ,

    Yes you can restore implants

    Well, having assisted in hundreds of restorative implant cases and sitting through countless presentations, finally an iBook that is comprehensive and easy to follow.

    I would recommend the purchase of this book to anyone beginning their journey into restorative implant dentistry. The attention to detail and illustrations are exceptionally impressive.

    I hope you find it as beneficial as I have.



    Mideojo ,

    Simplyfing implants

    If like me you have never placed or restored an implant and you feel like the learning curve will be steep and daunting then this is the book for you.

    It instantly explains in simple terms the basics of dental implants and their restoration with clear instructions and photographs. This book has removed the mystery around dental implant restoration and given me the ability to discuss implants with my patients.

    An excellent book from an author who clearly understands what the general dentist is looking for.

    Well done.

    Mide Ojo

    Lance Mayer ,

    Keeping it simple

    A very well put together introduction to restoring an implant case, beautiful photography with the added touch of being interactive. Thoroughly enjoyed the read, and would encourage any clinician that is afraid of restoring implants to have a read.