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One of the most famous works of fiction ever written, A Tale of Two Cities presents a portrait of Paris and London in the years before and after the French Revolution. It follows a pair of protagonists, the French aristocrat Charles Darnay and the British barrister Sydney Carton, as their lives are dramatically altered by the wrath of the revolutionaries. A Tale of Two Cities addresses the fundamentally dual nature of humanity, and a reflects on what it means to do the right thing, regardless of how the world perceives it.

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December 20
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Customer Reviews

johnadunne ,

A Tale of two cities

Very heavy going. Difficult to read old English if like me you are not used to reading. I got lost in various places and was unsure of the characters and their relationship wit each other.

However a very moving story and couldn't stop thinking about the innocent victims who had their heads chopped off for no reason other than being noble.

I knew there was something about the French I didn't like, I'm glad I'm English and that we have a royal family.

David283 ,


A gripping read. I was astonished by the power of this book. How have I lived so long and not read it before? Thank god I have at last.

Lulufish ,

Taken for granted

I think Dickens is taken for granted as an author. We've all seen Oliver! and believe his works are musical screenplays. A Tale of Two Cities is a gripping tale of courage in the face of adversity as readable as Chris Ryan or Andy McNab. Many of Dickens' literary techniques have been copied over the years but that doesn't make his books any less readable. If you are expecting Jane Austin or Emily Bronte think again.

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