A Twist of Eternity

A Twist in the Tale, The First Twist

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Publisher Description

The young elf Minervar has quite naively jumped at the opportunity of adventure. But what self-respecting, talented young novice wouldn’t? Especially if they had a muscle bound guardian and teacher called Jondris along for the ride. Whilst on her day off, enjoying a quiet ale in a tavern, Minervar has a chance meeting with a kinswoman, the stunningly beautiful, but mysterious God-fearing ranger from the wilds, an elf called Serinae and her business partner Teouso. This human stranger from the east badly in need of a dentist who is a man but has an uncanny knack fighting as a large canine. Well, events quickly start to take an interesting turn. They are joined by a wise-cracking, ale-swilling professional soldier, a vacationing dwarf called Łĩnwéé who has big attitude and a liking for freshly poached eggs and dragon scales. They find themselves rescuing Tnie from a lynch mob. They don’t know it at first but Tnie is a fugitive, on the run from the authorities after intentionally destroying part of his home city (the uninhabited part luckily!) to save it from an invading army, an ancient force that has already caused much destruction back inages past.
The companions discover at a high-society dinner party, hosted by the last remaining member of an ancient elven guild of academics, that their world is under threat. Natural cataclysmic events are on the increase (some would call these ‘Twists of Eternity’). Not only that, but they also find out that some of their group are unintentional refugees and not from the world they live in at all. With more questions than answers, they set out to learn what they can from the elder races, for each has knowledge and skills necessary to rescue the planet from certain doom. The only problem is, they are missing a member. They need a representative from the murderous war-loving race of the ognods, a race of giants from the north that all the other races hate and fear, with good reason. If that’s not sufficient to put a damper on the proceedings, it becomes apparent that other unrelated dark forces are trying to hinder them, even stop them altogether. Dark forces that are uncomfortably linked to the history of the elven race and more personally to Serinae’s own mysterious past.
Wrongs are righted, lessons are learnt, battles are fought. Strange lands are travelled both within the world and without. Strange creatures discovered and avoided, especially the ones that dig tunnels using their naturally generated atomic energy (good for instantly heating water for tea though!). The company perseveres. They must discover their own secret past to save their precarious future. Finally with the help of a gargantuan technological marvel that runs on ‘chips’, designed and installed by a mysterious and extinct race of beings with a history more ancient than the planet itself, they succeed. The companions, although changed by their epic discoveries and experiences forever, put the world to rights. As for Minervar, well, she may just learn many things about herself along the way.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
12 June
P R Glazier

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