A Visit From the Greys (Aliens‪)‬

31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead Volume 1, no. 1

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Billy was always curious about the lights in the sky, but he didn’t think
much about them until June 14, 1963. One night, on his dad’s farm, he
saw the lights behind the barn. Billy, being the curious type, put on his
cowboy boots, hat, and lone ranger holster, ready to take the outlaws
in. Billy was only ten years old and didn’t realize that the lights he saw
were something he should have told his parents about.

“I’m not afraid of any varmint! I’ll capture those varmints and take
them to my daddy! Then I’ll be a hero!”

Billy opened his bedroom window and climbed down the tree. He
softly called for his dog, Trigger, to come along in case these varmints
were hostile. “Now, Trigger, be very quiet. We want to sneak up
behind these varmints, tie them up with my lasso and bring them to my
dad alive!”

Billy and Trigger made their way to the side of the barn unnoticed. All
of a sudden, Trigger ran behind the barn and began barking at the
intruders. Billy ran after him, calling out his name. When he reached
the back of the barn, Billy froze. He heard Trigger yelp and a beam of
light came down from the sky. In a blink of an eye, Trigger was gone.
“What have you done to Trigger?” Billy cried desperately. “Who are
you, and where are you from?”

There was no answer. Billy realized that the lights he saw behind the
barn were more than just lights. It was a silver disk that was being
flown by grey colored creatures about four and a half feet tall.
“You just wait until my daddy finds out about this!”

Billy yelled to the creatures. He tried to move, but he couldn’t. There was some sort of
force field around his body that kept him in place. The two aliens got
out of the craft and approached Billy. They escorted him to their ship
with plans to experiment on him. One of the aliens pointed a device at
Billy and a beam of light encased his entire body. As the alien slowly
raised the device, Billy’s body levitated off the ground and slowly
turned to a horizontal position. The two grey aliens approached Billy
and pulled out some silver instruments. They pierced his body and
extracted fluid from his spine and other areas. Billy tried to cry out,
“You’re hurting me!” But no words came out of his mouth. He was
paralyzed while the two grey aliens experimented on him. When the
aliens were finished, they lowered Billy back down to the floor of the
spaceship. A bright light inside the spaceship flashed for a brief second
and the next moment Billy was lying on his bed with no recollection of
what had just happened. Billy felt really tired and weak, so he slipped
into his pajamas and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Billy went downstairs to get some breakfast before
school. His parents asked him if he had noticed anything strange last
night. “No,” replied Billy, “I just remembered I was feeling tired and
weak.” “Your father went looking for Trigger, but there was no sign of
him anywhere,” his mother said in a worried tone. “Where do you
think he went?” Billy asked. “This farm has a lot of wooded areas.
Trigger is probably chasing a rabbit or some other animal and will
probably show up soon,” his mother replied as Billy’s father, Jack,
came back into the house.

“Hey, Billy,” he said, “Were you outside playing around the barn last
night?” “No, why do you ask?”“Well, I was looking for Trigger and ran across your lone ranger
holster behind the barn. There’s a large burnt spot on the ground
beside it. You weren’t playing around with matches, where you?”

“No, daddy, I wasn’t.”

Jack paused for a moment and said, “Something strange is going on
around here, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
5 December
Drac Von Stoller

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