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A return to the Riviera on the trail of a runaway groom ...

When out-of-work actor Ryan Calder attends a wedding as the plus-one of successful businesswoman, Nadine Wells, he doesn’t expect to get in a scuffle with the groom.

But Ryan has a good reason. He recognises the groom from another wedding where the same man made a quick getaway, taking the wedding money and leaving a heartbroken bride in his wake. It seems he's struck again, and Nadine's poor friend is the target.

Ryan and Nadine decide they can’t let it happen to another woman, so with a group of friends they hatch a plan that will take them to the French Riviera, hot on the heels of the crooked groom. But could their scheme to bring him to justice also succeed in bringing them closer together?

22 September
Choc Lit

Customer Reviews

Snookie2 ,

Easy reading

Fantastic easy to read with doses of romance and intrigue.

Recon-ciliation ,

A great escape from 2020

Evocatively written conjuring up the beauty and warmth of the French Riviera while also being intriguing and page turning, capturing my attention and lulling me into its characters as they track down a serial con man who marries women then leaves them at the alter.

Wooleejumpa ,

Revenge, sweet revenge

When someone scams your friend in the most despicable way, wouldn't you want dish out revenge and payback on the culprit.
This is exactly what Nadine, Cassie and Jake plan after their friend is deserted by her new husband immediately after the marriage ceremony. The groom runs out of the church, leaving his new bride broken hearted, her bank account emptied and responsible for all the bills of their lavish wedding. It seems that the groom is a con artist, making his living romancing then swindling women.
Jake runs a successful detective agency and is wealthy enough to finance an extravagant plan. Using Nadine as bait to reel in the swindler, they expect the con man to work his usual scam of defrauding his unsuspecting pray, finally they'll expose his crimes to the police.
Nadine would be the perfect bait, she's wealthy, a widow and successfully runs her late husband's company. But Ryan, Nadine's usual plus-one, is concerned about her safety, especially as he has more than employee feelings for her.
Beginning in Bath and Bristol, the main action takes place on the glorious French Riviera.
A complicated enough plot to keep a reader fully involved, this is a fun read and thoroughly recommended.

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