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‘The Muslim Mother Teresa’ Huffington Post

Imprisonment. Mutilation. Persecution.

Edna Adan Ismail endured it all – for the women of Africa.

Edna saw first-hand how poor healthcare, lack of education and ancient superstitions had devastating effects on Somaliland’s people, especially its women. When she suffered the trauma of FGM herself as a young girl at the bidding of her mother, Edna’s determination was set.

The first midwife to practise in Somaliland, Edna became a formidable teacher and campaigner for women’s health. As her country was swept up in its bloody fight for independence, Edna rose to become its First Lady and first female cabinet minister.

She built her own hospital, brick by brick, training future generations in what has been hailed as one of the Horn of Africa’s finest university hospitals

This is Edna’s truly remarkable story.


‘The remarkable story of an extraordinary woman. Her struggles, lessons and triumphs are an inspiration’ Kirsty Young, Desert Island Discs

‘The Muslim Mother Teresa’ The Huffington Post

‘An extraordinary story from an incredible woman. Edna has devoted her life to helping others throughout the world, and her moving story is an inspiration.’ Dr Amanda Brown, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Prison Doctor

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Edna Adan Ismail was Foreign Minister of Somaliland from 2003 to 2006, and had previously served as Somaliland's Minister of Family Welfare and Social Development.
She is the director and founder of the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Hargeisa and an activist and pioneer in the struggle for the abolition of female genital mutilation. She is also President of the Organization for Victims of Torture.
She was married to Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal who was Head of Government in British Somaliland five days prior to Somalia's independence and later the Prime Minister of Somalia (1967–69) and President of Somaliland.

August 8

Customer Reviews

MissFab123 ,


So when I started reading this book . I am
Not gonna lie I was sceptical . I thought it was going to be a biblical biography , about how this woman made a difference. None the less I was intrigued, so I downloaded the book on my Apple book store and began reading.

Before I had read this book , I assumed it was going to be filled with achievements a few trials and most importantly
This woman was going to be more relatable to my grandmother and my mother . But not me .

As a young woman born and raised in the uk , who loves her culture I was surprised to find out that we had so much in common . I related to her story in so many ways . I developed so many emotions as I read her story , happiness , laughter , sadness and mostly crying . Tears of joy ,tears of sadness .

I had realised that we had similar values , similar drives, similar upbringings but most importantly she was just like every woman she had trials and tribulations , she fell in love , she loved to get glamorous. She listened to music , she was fearless and she was rebellious . We both Lost ppl we loved , losing fathers and we shared the same need to have our parents proud of us . I was gripped to this book , in work ,in the house at social dinners for three days straight . From the opening line “come I need you to kill a baby”.

My review of this book , 5 stars 🌟.
Thank you to my great friend for the recommendation. Make sure you guys read it and download it . As well as donating because we all have a duty to make
Sure the miracle of birth continues to be
a joyous occasion in this world.

Let’s keep Edna’s mission alive .