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To be happy, Erica needs a thrill. Getting her boyfriend to swap with their friends, making him watch her have sex with his best friend, is fun, but even that can get old. Cheating, on the other hand, adds spice. And when he asks her to marry him, that makes the cheating even hotter. But will cheating on her husband be enough? Even when it’s with his clients, maybe there could be something more.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I had no idea if Tom's poker night at a cabin would be Duncan's kind of thing at all, but when Tom came over and suggested it, he loved the idea. Because of his training, he had only briefly met the guys in the complex. It turned out he was thrilled at a chance to bond with neighbor men.

I hadn't met a lot of them either, and looking at Tom I thought that seducing him might be in my future. Not right away, because it would complicate things with Doris. Having sex with him wouldn't be the problem, it would be after that. When I inevitably broke up with him, then my being friends with Doris could prove to be a thorn. And although Doris didn't give a s**t about marriage as such, she didn't really want the situation to change. Not until she found something better, at least.

We were alike in that way.

So, a few days later, on a Saturday morning, I watched Duncan pack a duffel bag for a weekend with the guys. I walked him down to the parking lot where he kissed me, got into a car with the other guys and left.

As he rode off, I felt an odd sense of relief. And then, as we'd arranged, later that evening, I went over to Doris's apartment to find out what sort of guys she thought of as bad, sexy boys.

When I knocked, she opened the door wearing nothing by a very sexy black lace nightie. Past her, I saw two big and muscular guys sitting on the couch in boxer shorts. One, a bulky Latino, had an earring and nose ring.

“I sent out for the entertainment, as promised,” she said.

"Starting without me?"

"Just teasing and flirting," she said. “They got here a little early."


She took my arm and led me into the room. "These big bruisers unload trucks for the company I work for. I’ve seen them strutting their stuff on the loading dock and decided this was a perfect time to sample the wares. Be warned, while they should be great for a party, but don’t expect anything from them more than lots of prime, rigid, beefsteak.”

She was right. When they looked at me, I could see that these two were animals who appreciated a female form and probably had lots of ideas of what to do with it but had nothing much upstairs.

That suited me fine. As I walked in, I could see that their boxers were tented out already; they were both promising candidates.

We stopped in front of the couch. “So slip out of those clothes so the boys can see you and let them say hello.”

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June 15
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