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Strong Accents Can Affect Hiring Chances

In "Accent Reduction For Professionals", you'll discover secrets of reducing – and eliminating – your foreign accent.

Envision the ability to present a contract or proposal to your colleagues and not worrying about how you sound, confident in knowing that you've effectively masked your tell-tale accent and how everyone is listening to what you are saying and not how you're saying. With this guide, you'll quickly learn the easiest ways to sound more like an American and dramatically improve the way you sound.

What insights can you be assured of learning when you read and implement the tips, tricks, and techniques revealed in this concise book?

• 8 secrets to quickly and effortlessly reducing your accent

• The Number 1 method of acquiring not only accent elimination but the intonation and syllable stress of native English speakers.

• What are the sounds that English speakers use daily that are difficult, if not seemingly impossible, for those who are still learning to master the intonation and other nuances of the language

This Guide will Also Reveal How to Overcome:

• The use the "s" or the "z" sounds at the ends of words. (What you didn't know that sometimes the letter "s" could be pronounced as a "z"?)

• The proper pronunciation of perhaps the trickiest sound of all: the "th." With the instructions in this book, you can swiftly conquer this sound and rapidly improve your accent

• The diphthong problem that confuses and confound so many non-native speakers.

• The seemingly insurmountable hard "r" sound. Did you know English is the only language with a true hard "r" sound?

In this revolutionary approach to speaking like a native, you'll discover what in your speech has been holding you back. You'll be able to start implementing these practical tips and others will stand up and take notice immediately.

This Accent Reduction Guide is For You If..

✔ You have a high school diploma

✔ English is not your first language

✔ Public speaking is part of your job

✔ You are trying to get a career that requires perfect accent

✔ Having good communication skill is required in your job

If any one of those sounds familiar to you, perhaps you have found the right book. This book is essential for you to break through and not only improving your spoken skills but developing them so well that you can communicate with others efficiently.

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22 January
Whitney Nelson

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