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Despite the strangeness of working at a human dairy farm, Lily became good at milking and f***ing the human cows. Milk yields for the human dairy cows rise. But Daisy, a blonde cow from Jersey who should have been their biggest milker, was disobedient and difficult.

In this 3600 word lusty tale of human cow lactation fantasy, Lily takes matters into her own hands and forces Daisy to become the best cow she can be-- a Jersey Ho of epic milking proportions.

Contains reluctant lactation, n*** clamping, b*** expansion, milking human cows, human dairy cow fantasy, grass eating by human cows, p*** licking, lesbian lactation, humiliation and submission, and drenching, dripping sprays of rich, creamy milk!

All characters are 18 or older.


By milking time, Lily was ready to check on her naughtiest heifer. It was easy to get Bessie set up for the f*** machine. The steady thud-thud of the machine pounded into Bessie's sopping p***, so Lily attached the milking tubes and watched gleefully as Bessie's head lowered and the white milk slowly filled the glass tubes.

Her herd was doing well. Lily slapped Bessie's bottom affectionately and turned the f*** machine to run an additional ten minutes. Good cows like Bessie deserved little treats.

Then Lily walked down the stalls to see how Daisy was coming along. Their assistant, Justin, had put Daisy's head in the stock. Her neck was unmarked, but her eyes were filled with pretty tears just ready to spill down her cheeks.

Lily bent over to check her udders. Huge and heavy with distended reddened n***. "Very nice, Daisy."

One tear slid down Daisy's cheek. Lily stroked the b*** closest to her. It was taut--just like any cow's would be if its milking had been delayed. Lily fondled the b***, giggling at Daisy's increased distress, and then backing off when Daisy's breathing turned to heavy pants. The industrial milking n***-clamps held fast and not one glistening drop escaped.

Fiction & Literature
February 10
Venus Santiago

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