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Achieving Balance - A simple book that will change your life.

'I strongly recommend that you have this book on your bedside table as a reference point for life' 

Would you like your life to feel more enjoyable and fulfilling?

Is it time to empower yourself and take control of your emotions?

Learn how to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Balance affects everyone, without exception. 

Achieving Balance is not the sole preserve of spiritual masters, gurus and the like. The things they are doing can be done by anyone who has a certain level of knowledge and a resolve to apply some of the techniques to their life.

Achieving balance and fulfillment is attainable for all of us. How do I know that?

Because fulfillment and balance are not dependent on external factors, they are only dependent on the perspective you choose to adopt.

The balance that you feel is determined by the degree of alignment of your self image with who you really are.

Reflecting the author's quest, this book explains the main elements of balance and how to apply them to your life. The concepts are presented in an accessible, simple and visual way to make them understandable and digestible to a wide audience.

Understanding and achieving balance does not have to be a difficult path. Everything you need to know is in the book. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to change old habits.

Everyone's journey in life is different, but the principles of balance like the laws of physics, are the same for all of us. They can be learnt the hard way or the easy way.

'Fantastic illustrations reinforce the wisdom which is evident and dramatically portrayed throughout.'

'A small investment for a huge return.'

'The most comprehensive, accessible guide to balance currently available.'

Health & Well-Being
October 25
MANicBOY Publishing

Customer Reviews

sarah5151 ,

Achieving Balance Simple,Visual and enjoyable to read

Achieving Balance is concise and to the point. It contains many ideas and concepts relating to balance and these are presented in an easy to read, accessible way.
By the time I had finished the book I felt different to when I had started it. But I couldn't quite put my finger on why! (But it was a positive feeling)
There is a recommended reading list at the end of the book which is useful and a piece about the author which is probably worth reading before you start the book.
I have read a few self help and personal development books over the years but Achieving Balance sits head and shoulders above them, in my opinion, because it feels like the author is talking to you personally and the content is of a very high quality.
Gaining the knowledge about balance is one thing, applying it is another, but the book gives you many pointers on how to practically apply balance to your life. I think it is the sort of book that you can refer to over the years to make sure you are still on track.
To summarise, this book will save you many years of doing the wrong things, it is very well written and the illustrations make it a pleasure to read. I would definitely buy a copy and read it! I found it to be tremendously empowering.