Acquiring Excellence in Pool (Target Ball Concept‪)‬

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This book is designed to give players that are having difficulty with consistency, consistent easy ways to learn the shots in pool through a new perspective in shot making that works very well. This perspective is a reference that is the same for every shot on the table becoming a key part of developing the players depth perception which allows him to achieve higher levels in the game of pool. The technique is a simple 3 step process that is exceptional to learn to play shots by. This material was so strong for playing pool that immediately after this writing the author was able to reverse engineer the process of playing Pool with Side Spin which is featured in the 2nd book in this series The Flight of the Cue Ball. Players who are serious about their games or just love the game, should not be without the books in this series. The Aiming Techniques in this series are new and original material unpublished anywhere else. They are easy to learn and crystal clear to understand leading to excellence in the game of Pool. 

About the Author

Robin Kelly lives in the Winston-Salem, Statesville area of North Carolina where he plays and gives Pool lessons. Upon his return to Pool in 2005 he made it his goal to study and simplify Aiming Technique that would enable easier learning of the game. This book is the first book of The Acquiring Excellence in Pool series and covers Center Ball Aiming Technique in a way that is unique, clearly visually descriptive, easy to learn and is highly accurate leading to excellence. Immediately afterwards he continued the study and described the process of learning to play shots with Side Spin by reverse engineering the process. This book is his aiming technique and intended to be a sample of the kind of work that he writes. The technique is clearly descriptive, easy to learn and master leading to the next book in the series The Flight of the Cue Ball where he describes in easily learnable detail, the knowledge that a player needs to know in order to play the shots using Side Spin by your cue type, distance and stroke pressure. This leads the player to being able to control his cue ball with a great degree of success while he progresses on his pathway to Excellence in the Game of Pool.

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18 May
Gatekeeper Press

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