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One of the greatest — and one of the most controversial — novels in American history, complete with the illustrations from the original 1884 printing! What begins as a sequel to Mark Twain's incredibly popular The Adventures of Tom Sawyer grows into an ambitious, sprawling, funny, and uniquely American epic. Huck Finn is a mischievous boy, caught between a confining life with his legal guardian and an abusive life under his drunkard father. So naturally, he fakes his own death, teams up with a runaway slave named Jim, and takes off on a raft down the Mississippi River. The duo's ensuing adventures offer a chance for Twain to satirize the bygone world of the antebellum South, most notably taking a sometimes scathing, sometimes troubling, look at racism. The book remains one of the most essential, and one of the most entertaining, works in American literature.

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January 12
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Huggle3990384 ,

My bro has it...

My brother has this book and he says its absolutely Consterpatted OverWeighted Old Ladies Which stands for COOL

Mi mi mimi me ,

The worst book ever

This book is so bad that I think I am going to explode I recommend it to everyone over 20 because to much writing.This book is strange because two ordinary people that had nothing in common worked together there is such bad chemistry in between 2 ordinary people that don't even know there name LOL.I don't think this is a good book so I give it 1 star I do not think this is the right book for you anyway.LOLLOLLOLLO

Scaredy_Cat5 ,


It is an amazing book that tells us how back in the early 1900's, many people suffered from racism and how 2 very different people team up to explore a new life and a new journey!

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