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The first complete and unexpurgated edition of the war diaries of Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke - the most important and the most controversial military diaries of the modern era.

Alanbrooke was CIGS - Chief of the Imperial General Staff - for the greater part of the Second World War. He acted as mentor to Montgomery and military adviser to Churchill, with whom he clashed. As chairman of the Chiefs of Staff committee he also led for the British side in the bargaining and the brokering of the Grand Alliance, notably during the great conferences with Roosevelt and Stalin and their retinue at Casablanca,Teheran, Malta and elsewhere. As CIGS Alanbrooke was indispensable to the British and the Allied war effort.

The diaries were sanitised by Arthur Bryant for his two books he wrote with Alanbrooke. Unexpurgated, says Danchev, they are explosive. The American generals, in particular, come in for attack. Danchev proposes to centre his edition on the Second World War. Pre and post-war entries are to be reduced to a Prologue and Epilogue). John Keegan says they are the military equivalent of the Colville Diaries (Churchill's private secretary), THE FRINGES OF POWER. These sold 24,000 in hardback at Hodder in 1985.

April 30

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JI 2006 ,

One of the Greatest Love Hate Relationships in History

During the post-Second World War era, the population of the UK was led to regard Winsaton Churchill with unadulterated hero worship. These diaries present a fascinating insight into the human vulnerabilities to which even superhumans are subject. Confessing to his own doubts, the author describes Churchill as a man who at one moment can be an inspiring leader and the next a rambling old man. Against this background the reader is given a fascinating insight into the conduct of global war, the gestation of Allied strategy and the unfolding of momentous events that underly the definition of the modern world.