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Alcohol is a wonderful thing. It can be used for celebrations, both good and bad!

It can be used to toast to someone's good fortune or hope for a better future. It can be used in an expression of undying love or simply to enjoy a relaxing moment at the end of a difficult work week.

But alcohol can be an evil thing, also. Alcohol can cause brain damage, heart problems, and strokes. Alcohol can lead to liver damage. Alcohol can lead to drunken driving accidents and even death.

Why alcohol is such a problem for some people and not for others still remains a mystery. But the fact is that alcohol is such a problem for some people that it can have life-threatening consequences. Some people become so horribly addicted to alcohol that they lose jobs, families, friends-everything. And still, they continue to drink.

These people are called alcoholics, and this book was written for them. The alcoholic has a disease called alcoholism, and like anyone else with a disease, they need help. 

The problem is that the alcoholic is usually the last one to know that they have a problem, much less getting them to admit it. But the alcoholic must be the one to admit to the depth of their problem and to ask for help before that help will be effective. No one can make the alcoholic quit drinking; they must travel that path by themselves.

This book is the consummate guide for anyone who is finally ready to admit to the problems that alcoholism brings and is ready to accept the help needed to begin recovery. Anyone who is ready to admit to the existence of a problem with alcohol needs this book. This is a guide to everything the alcoholic needs to know.
From learning exactly what alcoholism is and how it begins to learning the benefits of quitting, no topic is off limits.We will discuss how one person's alcohol addiction affects the remainder of the family and how family dynamics shift to accommodate the alcoholic.We will talk about the enabler and what they mean to the alcoholic.We will discuss the best ways to quit drinking and the pros and cons of each method. We will talk about recovery plans and the importance of having people available that will assist in the path to recovery.And there will be tips on ways to enjoy life now that alcohol is no longer a problem!
The shame is not so much in becoming an alcoholic because people are human. The shame lies in remaining an alcoholic when help is available. This book is for you!

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March 14
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