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The Complete Alien First Contact Romance Box-Set

Alien: Contact is a collection of steamy alien romance novellas that are truly out of this world. Featured in the stories you will find everything from sexy alien warriors that will have you fighting to catch your breath, to alien leaders that will make you purr, to exotic alien strangers that are sure to heat things up. Let yourself be transported to another time and place far away where you can indulge in this erotic collection that is sure to have something for everyone.  

Featured titles include:

Abducted by the Alien Warrior

When Joanie's eyes land on the most attractive man she has ever seen her heart is whisked away before she can even realize what has happened.
Lio'osedana Moveeka is an Andromedan warrior. He is a proud, tall being who has come from the planet Terioss in the Shar solar system. He captivates Joanie with radiant stares from his electric yellow eyes and the light that reflects off his shimmering skin. 
Shorty after Joanie's curiosity gets the better of her, she finds herself abducted by Lio, walking up in the stars beside the alluring warrior…

Alien: Stolen Inhabitant

Molly. A leader...I took in his appearance, now that he was in the sun. His eyes still glowed in the sunlight as he studied me up and down. He had powerful muscles through his arms and legs. His hands were large, as was the rest of his stature. As he straightened back to his feet, I realized just how big he truly was. He stood perhaps a head and a half taller than I did, and I felt absolutely tiny in comparison. 
With one swift swipe, he could probably kill me. He looked that powerful…toned by years of service as a warrior. Seeing all of this only proved to me that I was a very long way from home.

Chosen by the Sweet Alien

At the age of twenty-four, Leona's found herself longing for a change in her life.
One night, her dream come true in the form of a mysterious blue-eyed man who tells her that they've met before. Somehow, Leona feels like she knows the handsome, tall stranger. When she begins to hear his voice inside her head through the crowds, she knows that their connection is something out-of-this-world.
With an an ever-growing fascination towards him, she finds herself drawing closer and closer to a being that crosses the lines she'd had in mind...

3 Standalone, full length, steamy romances. 
Warning: For adult readers only.
No cliffhangers. Grab Your Copy NOW!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
15 February
Clara A. Tobin

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