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To suggest that there are aliens is mind blowing but to also suggest, that that becomes an avenue to deny the existence of the one God—Consciousness—might be considered as an utter nonsense. 

There is Cosmic Consciousness always. There are many gods but there is one Consciousness. Whether you can differentiate the very many gods and the only ONE Consciousness is what differentiates you and sets you apart from a follower—a religionist, an atheist or a theist of a different kind. 

Whether or not you believe/understand Consciousness, your afterlife is guaranteed because you are the creation/evolution of Consciousness. You are simply here to experience creation in a yin and yang—a duality.

Meanwhile, do you recall that biblical Moses asked "God" for an identification? Consciousness does not work like a God and a prophet. Consciousness lets you do your thing after all, you are experiencing the creations of Consciousness.

Moses could no longer identify which God that was given the messages because they were doing a doublespeak. There were simply too many Gods.

What follows is a cautious search for answers. The answers seem to create more confusions. Should the word God be redefined? 

The Old Testament simply did not propagate the concept of monotheism even though we are taught to accept and profess it was/is so. In fact, Egypt has the record at a practice for monotheism through Akhenaten. 

Though religious people today would have dismissed Akhenaten as a worshipper of the Sun, they failed to acknowledge that the Sun God representation is an allegory. 

The sun, moon, the sea, snakes, etc., are just symbols depicting a God. There must be tension here and it is obvious if you think about it. Polytheism is simply and without qualification the belief in more than one God. Thus, on the most common way of understanding polytheism, Christian belief will not be monotheism, but clearly polytheism.

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March 25
Sam Oputa

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