Publisher Description

This book is a first hand account of how to perform Umrah and Hajj. The methods are researched and confirmed by an Islamic scholar. Through various texts, online information, classes, lectures, and scholar input I have sifted through many sources to give you something comprehensive yet easy to follow. If I have succeeded, then this should be the only book you need to take with you on your Hajj or Umrah journey. My Hajj with my siblings will remain my most special memory with them. I have tried to give you a realistic approach to your pilgrimage yet ensure optimal results InshaAllah. In this book, any Muslim brother or sister will find what they are looking for. You will find a step by step 'how to' guide, then there are details to what makes the processes complete, I have also included 'my view' on the many experiences that my siblings and I had. You will also find 'pearls' here and there with interesting historical facts, and useful quotes from hadeeths and Quranic verses. There are also many explanations on why we perform certain rituals, etc. Wherever possible, all information is backed by evidence from various sources. All the sections of this book should help you to understand what you are about to encounter and how to make the most of it, though every journey is tailor made by Allah for each of His servants. I ask for your sincerest prayers for my family, friends, loved ones, and myself.

Religion & Spirituality
12 March
Alia Khan