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The New York underworld is in chaos. Santo Tosetti, head of the Tosetti family, was a peacemaker and mediator between the numerous factions born of different cultures and clans. It was thanks to his efforts that everyone has enjoyed peace and prosperity, but an upstart don, his own son-in-law, arranged for his murder and now it's back to the days of dog eat dog.

Luka Volkov is the second-in-command to Nikolai Volkov, leader of the Volkov Bratva. Their family is feared across the continental US and beyond. Luka is the voice of reason, the calm head and the legal mind that keeps his cousin on an even keel. It's Luka's job to second-guess the forces of justice arrayed against his family and to keep one step ahead of them.

Natalie Mulholland is a dedicated litigator for the New York Attorney General's office. A Federal Agent with a mission, Evan McBayne, is attempting to build a RICO case that will decimate the illegal organizations that feed on the city.  This is a case that could make Natalie's career, providing security for her and her daughter, Lucy; but there's a small problem…

Lucy's father is Luka Volkov. He and Natalie have a soul-deep connection, but the closer they become, the closer they get to destroying everything they've worked for. Their first loyalty will always be to their child, and with that brings a commitment to each other, but that bond is constantly tested by the allegiance that they have to prove to the people who depend upon them. 

October 5
Freak Circle Press

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