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A searing portrait of wealthy living, and the highs - and lows - that come with it in a dazzling novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Penny Vincenzi. Perfect for any reader of Kate Morton, Elizabeth Buchan or Harriet Evans.

'Buy on a Friday, get home, turn off the phone and emerge on Monday replete with a tale well told. Guilty pleasures? We certainly all have them and this is better than most' - Daily Express

There's nothing like the contentment and security that money can bring. That's how it is for Lucinda, Elizabeth and Flora, living the risk-free dream in the glittering eighties. Houses, holidays, happiness - everything is there for the taking.

The financial slide comes crashing into their lives with a vengeance, and everything they've built up so carefully dissolves into a pool of hopelessness, taking self-respect and relationships with it. Now, the secrets will out and within a year, someone will be dead.

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September 4

Customer Reviews

Alex shore ,

A good yarn but Penny's obsession with class grates

I love Penny Vincenzi books (God rest her soul), but her obsession with class is annoying. She makes digs at those regarded as 'lower class' through her characters - but it's obvious that it's her opinion too. All her books have a few token working class people thrown in but you get a bit sick of reading about people who are so privileged. Even in this book where the central point is people losing money, nobody actually has to struggle - they still eat out and enjoy themselves. But I've given it 5 stars because it is a good read and well written. I have read all her books and they are great - perhaps just not the best to read when you're struggling to pay your rent or put food on the table. The have's and the have not's eh? This life is unfair and Penny's book shows you just how unfair it all actually is.

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