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When Lyn and Bruce were forced to go out on a date by their respective parents, they did it out of obligation. Neither had any interest in the other.

But then then wound up back at his place.

And they both discovered they were secret kinksters and perverts.

The real problem was keeping it from their families.

And that was only the start of their problems.

This is a 10,000 word erotic novella that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions of sexual encounters between adults. It focuses on explicit sex and, multiple partners, BDSM, bondage, slavery, a master and slave relationship, risky sex, a**l sex, and other sexually explicit themes and language that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older.


“Well, what he lacks in brains he more than makes up for in bed,” Lyn revealed.

Her flat statement of fact made Bruce burst out laughing. “Well, that’s something, I suppose. Did your mother know that you were planning on ditching me and hooking up with…Clay?”

“Of course not. She thinks I’m a virgin.”

“Not the sort of guy you introduce to mom?”

“Certainly not. She doesn’t even know he exists. Clay is the guy women bed, they don’t marry or even date him.”

“My last...well, let’s call it a relationship, was like that. Sharon was a very nice woman...but in the bedroom only. I didn’t even want her to meet my friends. That’s probably why we don’t see each other anymore.”

“It doesn’t sound like either of us have good romantic relationships.”

“It doesn’t sound like either of us have romantic relationships.”
Lyn nodded in agreement. “And I wanted to get laid tonight. It’s been a week.”

“It’s been more than that for me,” Bruce said in sympathy.

They looked at each other over the table.


Fiction & Literature
April 9
Elliot Silvestri

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