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Presenting the Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington: Adventurer. Philosopher. Knob head. Karl Pilkington isn’t keen on travelling. Given the choice, he’ll go on holiday to Devon or Wales or, at a push, eat English food on a package holiday in Majorca. Which isn’t exactly Michael Palin, is it? So what happened when he was convinced by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to go on an epic adventure to see the Seven Wonders of the World? Travel broadens the mind, right?  You’d think so...

3 September
Canongate Books

Customer Reviews

Carl2k10 ,

First iBook

This is my first iBook I have purchased and completed reading and must say I am very pleased with the overall experience as well as the book. The book is brilliant and adds to the original t.v. Series because there is more in the book then the t.v. Show. People are complaining about the price but that is like buying a Ferrari and complaining about the price of petrol. You have more then likely brought an iPad costing around £350+ so why are you complaining at £7 for a book.

kubesson ,


I don't think Karl is an idiot I genuinely believe he is a genius, his thoughts and feelings toward life are always profound and hilarious.

The only bloody idiots are the people writing reviews here. For one it's cheaper here than on the high street (rrp) and secondly it costs twice as much to digitise a book from paper format than it does to print it.

The very fact that it can be condensed into an iPhone to me is incredible. To the idiots complaining about money; go buy it paper format and stop clogging up this books reviews with crappy scores that have no reflection on the content itself.

Twink-z1982 ,

What the fcuk

How the hell is £7 'too much' for a book??... That's how much books cost!!
Dont download the bloody thing then... Go to WH Smith and buy it for... Oh ..£7!

The book is brilliant... Karl is a genius ..

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