An Unusual Journey Through Royal History An Unusual Journey Through Royal History

An Unusual Journey Through Royal History

Volume II

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An Unusual Journey Through Royal History, Volume II

In the second volume of her Kindle best-selling eBook, An Unusual Journey Through Royal History, Victoria Martínez invites readers on an even broader journey through history and around the world to explore overlooked and uncommon aspects of royalty. In her dual quest to gratify history lovers and royal watchers and to make converts out of those who usually find history boring or stuffy, Victoria combines her skill for historical research with a writing style peppered with equal parts of wisdom and wit. 

In addition to the countries one would expect to find in a book about historic royalty, like Britain and France, Victoria takes readers to lesser known monarchies such as: Württemberg, where they’ll meet the corpulent ruling family of the German Grand Duchy of Württemberg; Bohemia, where the descendents of “Good King Wenceslas” ruled for centuries; and Hawaii, with its surfing Victorian princess. 

In other chapters, readers will go inside palace doors to experience what life was like for the sisters and daughters of “Mad King George,” experience the inner workings of a royal wedding, learn what it’s like to receive gifts like a royal, and live the life of the British queen who liked other people’s things a little too much. 

As with Volume I of “An Unusual Journey Through Royal History,” each of the 14 chapters of Volume II tells a unique story that will leave readers with a sense that they not only know royal history – and enjoy it – but have also journeyed through it and met the royals personally.

“In her third collection of articles, Tori Martínez again turns her lively style and humour to royal topics, bringing many obscure facts to her readers’ attention with her usual erudite irreverence. From Princess Margaret to George III’s cloistered offspring, a plethora of royal ladies and other royal topics emerge from these pages in new lights, to entertain Tori’s regular readers and introduce her to new ones.” – Janet Ashton, author of "The German Woman" and co-author of "The Grand Dukes"

15 December
Who Dares Wins Publishing

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