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From the very foundations of our nation, many of our national heroes have placed their faith in Almighty God; and through the power of prayer, have implored His intervention on our behalf.

In 1746 a massive armada of French warships is bearing down on the shores of New England. Their mission: burn Boston and other towns along the American coast. Just as they are about to launch their deadly attacks, a mysterious storm destroys the fleet.

Following the Civil War, a prominent Union General, influenced by atheism, sets out to write a novel dispelling the divinity of Christ. Just before finishing the international bestseller, he has a miraculous revelation, and rewrites this extraordinary story.

In WWII the German Army, led by columns of Panzer tanks, breaks through American lines, annihilating everything in its path.  With American aircraft grounded by a massive winter storm, nothing could stop the German advance. Unexpectedly, the weather clears and American aircraft quickly fill the skies, changing the outcome of the battle.

Our history is wrought with challenges that have threatened the future of our nation. But just when all seems lost; our national heroes call upon a powerful weapon that changes the course of events. It is a powerful force that alters weather, gives men incredible courage, stops bullets in their paths, and changes the hearts and minds of both allies and enemies.  It is the power of prayer.

And Then They Prayed tells the true stories of these, and other, incredible events in America's history that were altered or influenced through the awesome power of prayer. From the forests of Valley Forge, to the deadly vacuum of space, men have turned to God and witnessed His mighty Hand of providence.


Senator Barry Loudermilk is a nationally published author, businessman, private pilot, Air Force veteran, inspirational speaker, historian and Constitutional scholar. Having served in both houses of the Georgia legislature, Barry is recognized as one of the foremost conservative leaders in the state, and has been featured on national television and radio, as well as numerous newspapers and magazines.

September 3
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