Publisher Description

This is a short to the point book that deals with spiritual warfare and the supernatural, including my own personal stories on what happened to me and my family. Angels and Demons are very real. This is a subject that most mainstream churches won't touch and yet the Catholic church and Evangelicals both are reporting that requests for exorcisms are on the rise. While some are dismissing this as due to the rise of "ghost hunter" shows on television, there can be no doubt that the times around us are very dark and evil. This isn't because of new ghost hunter shows. In this book you will learn about the following,

-The differences between angels and demons.
-How Demons imitate loved ones.
-Demonic tactics, how they get to you.
-The differences between Demonic Oppression and Possession.
-How demons can put you in a box without even realizing it.
-Scriptures I've used and you can use in daily life and in the spiritual battle!
-How to achieve victory in your spiritual life!

This is a to the point book designed to get you on the right track, not to give you an encyclopedia of information. I had a strong calling on my spirit to write this in short order and I've seen why. In this book, you will find scriptures you can use and practical hands-on information I've used myself. I will be writing other books on this subject but for now the idea is to get you started and pointed in the right direction. God bless and know that Greater is He that is in YOU than he that is in the world!

Religion & Spirituality
January 16
Johnny Storm