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A moving collection of 6 short stories – Helpless, A Small Boy’s Cry, Two More Sleeps, Unexpected, Just a Boy and At Risk – previously available as individual e-shorts.

A collection of inspiring and emotive real-life short stories from foster carers Casey Watson and Rosie Lewis.

Sarah, a baby born to a crack-addicted mother on a freezing cold night in December.

Charlie, who fell from the second-floor window of his tower block home while his mother is busy shooting up in their dirty council flat.

Angell, left barely clothed beneath a park bench on a freezing cold day in winter.

Hope, abandoned as a new-born by a young woman traumatised by a dark secret.

Cameron, a sweet boy with a great sense of humour, who disappears after a disastrous and embarrassing family trip.

Adam, a fragile and anxious child, whose relationship with his mother starts to unravel.

About the author

Casey Watson is a specialist foster carer. She has been working in this field for six years after giving up her position as a behaviour manager for a local school. During this time she has welcomed 14 difficult to place children into her home.
As a specialist foster carer she works with profoundly damaged children, seeing each child through a specific behavioural modification programme, at the end of which they will hopefully be in the position to be returned either back to their family or into mainstream foster care.
Casey combines fostering with writing, usually late at night when the rest of the family is sleeping.
Casey is married with two grown-up children and three grandchildren.
The name Casey Watson is a pseudonym.

Rosie Lewis is a full-time foster carer. She has been working in this field for over a decade. Before that, she worked in the special units team in the police force.
Based in northern England, Rosie writes under a pseudonym to protect the identities of the children she looks after.

January 8

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