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This book may be all about you! A global consciousness is unfolding that angels exist ‘above’ us, and that some humans are angels too – real ones, with wings. This is the first book to seriously explore how a human being could learn to become an angel.

Have you thought you’re an angel? Maybe you are! Have you felt different to others? Maybe you are! If yes, or you’re not sure, this unique book is for you! No more need for questions about your life and soul path from pre-birth to post-death – the answers are all here.

This amazing book will explain

•why you’re on this planet

•what to learn from bad relationships and how to find the best ones

•how to overcome negative emotions about this planet’s horrors

•how to earn money ethically

•whether to move home

•how to achieve your soul job quicker, easier, and with less pain

•the miraculous life of an Angel on Earth

Find explanations for your life. Many Angels on Earth spend much of their lives seeking love, and the rest sharing love. This book helps every step on your soul path.

Allan J Sweeney wrote the full ‘Angels on Earth’ book in 2006 (previous editions date back to 1990s) to enlighten readers where the soul comes from, what knowledge comes with it to Earth, and how conscious or unconscious soul-knowledge affects this life, and the next. Once understood, this entire life becomes understandable, and deep inner peace can be experienced.

Angels on Earth lectures and soul-coaching sessions given in Australia, Denmark, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, and the United States help many Angels-on-Earth who feel lost, alone, sad or depressed, even when traditional medicine fails. Many negative conditions such as stress, fear, sadness, sleeplessness, anger, energy levels, and anxiety are reduced with corresponding increase in positive symptoms like happiness, acceptance of life, relationships, peace, and love. A psychiatrist stated the book should be used within medical practice to help Angels on Earth in need, because there is no way currently for psychologists or psychiatrists to help them – the conflicts they have are different, deeper, from the soul.

Forming love on platforms

Imagine you’re climbing a mountain. On the way up are platforms with different lessons on positive and negative aspects of love. Many platforms must be passed to climb your mountain. And loving angels-to-be often feel lost, wondering which way to go in a job, relationship, home etc. This book describes what to do at every stage of life.

A glimpse of the chapters

Here’s good news. Includes chapters on your life’s purpose; signposts to take; how to make sense of the decades of life; answer why you’re here; know what job to do; how childhood troubles, or traumas or abuse may relate to your future; how bad relationships give lessons for your destiny; how to discover your mission on Earth; and much more…

After you read the book…

Join a FREE and private group of other people similar to you, LOving friends on the same mission, who can help transform your life in wonderful ways!

Read FREE SAMPLE pages

The book’s unique angelic content needs a long introduction to help you understand more about following chapters. So the 10% free sample is just introduction, and not the book itself. When this pioneering book actually starts, it charts the life of an angelic soul, from pre-birth to post-death, in a way no other book has ever done before.

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August 11
Allan J. Sweeney

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