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Are you worried that your anxious tendencies might be ruining your relationship? Here's what you can do…

Do you constantly worry about what your partner is doing, such as who they are hanging out with and whether or not they are being honest with you?

Has your trust been destroyed in previous relationships, now making it difficult for you to trust again?

Do your concerns and worries leave you feeling frozen and anxious, causing you to be unsure of what you should think or say?

40 million Americans suffer from anxiety-related issues each year, and more than 20% of these people say it either affects or has ended their relationships.

We live in a fast-paced and busy world these days--one with constant distraction and movement. One where our relationships are sometimes so wound up as a result that it's hard for us to keep up.

You may have experienced some variant of emotional trauma in the past--most of us have--and it's reasonable to carry this forward with you, but it doesn't have to control you.

You can overcome your negative tendencies and move past your own fears and insecurities. With the right tools and techniques, you can redirect your focus away from anxiety to a place of self-empowerment and love.

In Anxiety in Relationships, you'll discover:
How to stand boldly within your truth and why this is the most important 1st step towards freedomWhy negative thoughts can actually be a good thing, and how to use them to your advantageThe 5-step path to overcoming your insecurities and no longer letting them control youHow to turn your insecurities into your most endearing qualities, no matter how bad you think they areThe secret to effective communication and how this could save your relationshipWhy expressing your fears to your partner is essential for a healthy relationship, and what you can do regardless of how difficult it might seemHow self-love will literally force your partner to treat you differently6 of the most powerful ways to cope with, address, and ultimately release all of your fears
… and so much more.

With just minutes a day of active focus, you can set yourself upon a new path.

Just because anxiety has always been a part of your life and has always infected your relationships with others, it doesn't mean it has to continue this way.

Even if your anxiety is a new and powerful thing that you don't quite understand, you can move past it and into a truly loving relationship of mutual trust and admiration.

The limiting nature of your fears and insecurities are actually creating a space for you to grow, for you to become something more. By embracing your own inner power and strength, you can move forward into a life unrestrained by anxiety, with relationships that make you feel free.

If you're ready to take back your power and show your partner the love you are truly capable of giving, then add this book to your cart right now.

August 15
Kara Lawrence

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