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We all have a story to tell this is my story, and its a story that was written from the heart. This is about my search for my biological family and the reunion. I hope you enjoy this and to all adoptees that read this, I hope it brings you some understanding of who you are and that we can believe that anything impossible is possible.

Anything Impossible is Possible is about my search for my biological family and how after 8 years we met. There were many obstacles during my search, and there was a sense of betrayal from the family of my adopted mothers side for me to know the truth. It wasnt easy but I was determined to keep going and find out who I was and where I came from. During my search I learned a lot about myself, and that helped me continue my journey.

Every time it looked like things werent happening, I would remember a saying when the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time. That helped me keep going and bad thoughts went away.

My kids were a big part of my desire to keep going. I wanted to leave them something to know who I am and how I grew up. The values my adopted mother instilled in me at a young age made me who I am as an adult. I lost my adopted father at age 14, and that made me grow up very quickly. As difficult as that loss was for me, it made me a strong individual, and I am grateful for the love they both gave me for they were my true parents.

No one can understand the feeling of voidness I had for years and it was due to the unknown answers of who I was. Once I found my biological family all those feelings went away and I was happy with my life. I have had other bumps in the road, but I no longer suffer abandonment issues, the feeling of insecurity and voidness in my soul.

This is my story and why I am a true believer that anything impossible is possible.

August 12
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