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Archbishop Doyé T. Agama has a unique vision that the African and Asian Diaspora "Ethnic Minority Churches" presently in the Western nations must be united and mobilised to face the issues that affect their people. His view is therefore that our Leaders must consequently be willing to reconnect with the ancient roots of Christianity but also to jointly leverage the potential of the collective church on behalf of the lands of their origins. He has lived out this vision in his own life and ministry

He is a man of immense spiritual, spiritual and physical discipline, energy and creativity, consistent in principle and procedure. He has worked to restore order and strength-in-depth to many emerging churches. He has remained conservative theologically but open ecumenically, working with all the historic churches including Orthodoxy, Roman and Eastern Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Congregational, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal. He also has an advantage of a deep knowledge and love of Judaism, something that we share.

This book researched by Dr Patrick Businge shows Archbishop Doyé Agama's distinct approach to modern Christianity. He is indeed an Apostle to the Diaspora through the Pastoral Congress which he founded and leads. He is a barrier breaker bringing divergent streams of church together in a new convergence. He has straddled England as an ecumenical giant for years, calling all Bible-believing Christians to unity. He is a true worshipper and follower of Christ who lives in daily thanksgiving for the Salvation of Calvary. The author of many insightful and inspirational books, the Archbishop is a repository of wisdom, a visionary leader who has been a mentor and spiritual father to many of the emerging church leaders of our future.

Archbishop Doyé T, Agama is truly a remarkable personality one of very few such it has been my destiny to meet. His impact on the lives and ministries of many Christian Leaders around the world may only be finally revealed in Eternity.

Bishop Wayne Malcolm, London England, December 2018

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December 28
Patrick Businge

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