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He wasn't meant to be on my radar, he was definitely the off-limits guy.

My brother's best friend, my friend's ex, but most of all he was my boss.

Hawk Carnage resembled one thing, and one thing only. Sex.

He used it, he knew it, he lived it. Hawk owned the largest lingerie company in the world, and I was his leading lady.

In business.

But now business and friendship were about to be crossed. The lines blurred, and I was ready to dip my toes in the forbidden water. Because no matter how much I said I could refrain from Hawk Carnage, now was not the time.

He was to be my fake fiancé.

And I was about to sink into that forbidden water, with Hawk's hands clutching my sides.

Lord help me because I was about to enjoy every moment of it.

Even if it was just for fun.

Even if it would ruin everything.

I was going to dive in head first.

December 1
T.L Smith

Customer Reviews

obsessedbybooks ,

Must read

“Unicorns. Whiskey. And... Hawk Carnage.”

Let’s just take a minute...I just need a minute to gather my thoughts, as this was one hell of a read. This story was a whirlwind of laughter and angst, longing and lust, passion and love. Britta Valentino is the only daughter of an Italian American family with four brothers who are totally serious about keeping her safe and happy however suffocating at times that may be. Hawk Carnage is best friend and Britta’s boss...having grown up together he has always been her crush but after a recent messy break up he is just the epitome of everything she wants but can’t have. After an unfortunate meeting Britta’s inability to lie well lands her in deep water and starts a chain of events that may well change her life...

Tongue in cheek humour and witty comebacks are flying in all directions as Hawk and Britta definitely share banter and innuendo as they fight their attraction. With heartbreak and their fair share of angst this story surprised me with it light hearted feel as both authors usually deliver something a little darker but I loved it in equal measure. Totally fell in love with the supporting cast of characters and I have my fingers crossed this may become part one of series as I really do think they all have a story to tell. Hawk was domineering, masterful and the right kind of naughty that was just what Britta needed to mend the broken pieces of her heart and make her realise she had had a lucky escape. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twists and wanted to slap him upside his perfectly smug head a couple times but without struggle how would they know what they feel is worth fighting for? This is one of my favourite romantic reads of the year to date.

A five star right kind of naughty read.

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