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Delilah had long dreamt and fantasied of romantic encounters with vampires. Nearing desperation, almost ready to give in and believe that her wish would never come true, she pleads with the fates one final time. Unbeknownst to her, a coven of vampires has sent forth Gerard, a dashing, powerful, and virile vampire to make Delilah his mate. This steamy, romantic and erotic story of a full-figured, beautiful woman and a handsome, mysterious man of the night is guaranteed to fulfill anyones sexual lust for seductive vampires.

This 3080 word story contains explicit, hard-core erotica and taudry sex scenes best suited for adults!

Excerpt: The man reached his hand forward to touch Delilah's face, cupping her cheek gently in his hand. His touch felt strange but inviting. Somehow, his hand felt both cold and warm at the same time. She felt the tiny hairs on the back of her neck beginning to stand up. He put his thumb softly on Delilah's chin. He stroked her chin with his thumb tenderly, before moving it up to her lip. He touched the source of the blood that had previously trickled down Delilah's neck.

Delilah, without saying a word, opened her mouth and reached out with her tongue, lightly licking the vampiric man's thumb. The same sensation of both cold and warmth now struck her tongue. Her whole mouthed tingled delightfully as she licked his thumb. His pale skin tasted like sweet fruit.

"I...I want you...to take me..." said Delilah.

Fiction & Literature
November 10
Rory Scott

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