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Are you tired of hearing yourself saying yes when you want to say no?
Do you have the feeling other people take advantage of you?
Is it hard for you to speak up in a group?

Then keep reading.

The people around consider you a very nice and warm woman. You are always ready to help other people. You are concerned about others' well-being. You like to help and you like the fact that people like you.

But maybe some people start taking advantage of you? You know it and you decide to say no the next time they ask you for a favor. They catch you by surprise and you hear yourself say yes again. Afterward, you think to yourself: stop being such a people-pleaser!

I/you want to learn how to stand up for yourself, without hurting the feelings of others, then you have come to the right place.

Here´s a tiny fraction of what you´ll discover in: Assertiveness for Women:
The Percolator effect: what it means, but more importantly how to prevent it (page 13)How to say no in a respectful way, without hurting other one's feelings.What you can learn from Barbara Streisand regarding criticism (page 54)What psychologists mean with ´disputation´ and how you can use in your advantage (page 40)The importance of your body language with regards to your assertivenessHow to increase your assertiveness in only 2 minutes (page 59)
And much, much more.

The journey from not being assertive, to becoming the best version of your assertive self, is different for everyone. That´s why you´ll find self-discovery questions to identify your personal challenges. The goal is to get you thinking and to help you to design your solution for your personal problems. The methods are designed to create a permanent change in your behavior.

You might think that only reading a book normally doesn´t cause deep-rooted self-improvements. That´s why Assertiveness for Women is stuffed with methods, exercises, and tools to establish lasting chances in your thinking patterns.

Don´t wait longer, you have suffered more than enough.

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Health & Well-Being
September 26
Maria van Noord

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