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The fifth book in the Jack Parlabane series, from author Christopher Brookmyre.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do we really live on in some conscious form after we die, and is that form capable of communicating with the world of the living?...Aye, right.
That was Jack Parlabane's stance on the matter, anyway. But this was before he found himself in the more compromising position of being not only dead himself, but worse: dead with an exclusive still to file. From his position on high, Parlabane relates the events leading up to his demise, largely concerning the efforts of charismatic psychic Gabriel Lafayette to reconcile the scientific with the spiritual by submitting to controlled laboratory tests. Parlabane is brought in as an observer, due to his capacities as both a sceptic and an expert on deception, but he soon finds his certainties crumbling and his assumptions turned upside down as he encounters phenomena for which he can deduce no rational explanation. Perhaps, in a world in which he can find himself elected rector of an esteemed Scottish university, anything truly is possible. One thing he knows for certain, however: Death is not the end - it's the ultimate undercover assignment.

Crime & Thrillers
June 16
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Blasted Dad ,

Another smash hit

This book enjoys the roller coaster ride, the humour, both dark and ginger and fast paced plotting of a Brookmyre hit. It has a difference too. Brookmyre uses several narrators within this book, one of whom is very annoying. She is a journalist who writes for a paper with polar opposite politics from Jack P. The effect is created with skill and humour. Brookmyre has written a great "Scottish-wi-a-few-bam-heids" Novel.

JDM1231 ,


Wonderful plot which twists and turns, just when you think you’ve worked it out, you’re redirected. Great detail re the while ‘whooo” scene. I agree with the other review, the woman journalist’s voice is enough to have you contemplate suicide!
Otherwise another great read!

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