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Humanity has recently entered an extraordinary period of transition in which it is preparing to make a quantum, transformational leap to a higher level of consciousness and reality known as the Fifth Dimension--forever leaving behind all experiences of fear, conflict, pain, sorrow and duality. 

As veils of forgetfulness and dysfunctional patterns begin to dissolve in this Shift, we are at the dawn of an entirely new era on the planet: life lived from love, peace, cooperation, abundance, and reverence for all existence.

AWAKENING TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION is an indispensable guide for this journey into uncharted new territory in consciousness, which may include unprecedented experiences of freedom, joy and expansion as well as significant challenges of disorientation and rapid change. 

We are invited here into conscious participation in an accelerated evolution as we ascend into the Fifth Dimension.  In mapping the territory of this dimensional shift, it is also a call to co-create a New Earth that many of us have deeply longed for.  Among its themes:

• Common personal experiences during the Shift

• Ways to navigate it with ease and grace 

• Understanding the Dimensions: Third, Fourth and the emerging Fifth 

• Physical, mental and emotional "Ascension symptoms" 

• Raising and sustaining your vibration: well-being, happiness, freedom

• Stepping into a new multi-dimensional identity

• Discovering your mission for assisting the planet through the Shift 

Author Bio: Vidya Frazier has studied with a number of spiritual teachers from both western and eastern traditions for over 40 years. In 1993, she felt called to India to visit the spiritual master, Papaji. Upon returning, she wrote The Art of Letting–A Pathway to Inner Freedom and began offering individual sessions, groups and workshops based on this book. 

In 2007, she was invited to attend the Oneness University in India and was initiated as a Oneness Blessing Facilitator. She returned and offered the blessing to hundreds of people. Since then, she has studied with Quantum Healer Dell Morris, and teacher and author Jim Self.

The present focus in her work is assisting people to find their way with clarity and ease through the powerful energies of the Shift of consciousness that is now occurring across the planet. 

She also assists people in discovering their spiritual purpose in life and stepping more fully into expressing it. 

Drawing on thirty-five years as a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and spiritual guide, as well as on her own spiritual awakening experiences, Vidya serves as a unique bridge between the worlds of psychology and spiritual awakening. 

Keywords: Fifth Dimension, 5D, Ascension, Spiritual Awakening, Awakening, New Earth, The Shift, Global Shift, Raise Your Vibration, Dimensional Shift

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June 11
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