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Most diseases are rooted in failures in communication between our Being, mind, body and what is referred to as ‘the environment’. Any misbalance in this communication leads to the development of so-called ‘symptoms’ ranging from slight weakness to acute life-threatening illnesses, problems in business and personal affairs.

Any therapy method that is aimed only at removing the symptoms will sooner or later lead to enhancing them; and thus does not resolve the issue. With regard to this, we observe the increasing occurrence of various chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, obesity, hypertension, vascular dystonia, chronic fatigue, sexual dysfunctions, problems with the immune system, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic headaches, and tumors; alertness and depressions are also quite common.

None of the therapy methods existing today guarantee 100% healing nor prevent recurrence. Moreover, once a symptom of a particular disease is cured, symptoms of other diseases may appear indicating a deeper root cause.

For more than 10 years Dmitry Shamenkov headed research and clinical centers focused on the issue of restoring health to the body based on new technologies, singly or in combination. As a result of their scientific work, Dmitry and his colleagues have established that the human organism has limitless and really amazing resources for self-restoration. They found that the underlying cause of health problems is a dysfunction in the regulation of organism performance at the level of functional systems, i.e. in transmission and reading of DNA.

Indeed, our body is managed by a very sophisticated self-balancing/ homeostatic regulatory system, which combines elements of the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. Learning to manage this regulatory system can eliminate the root cause of most diseases; consequently, any intervention aimed at eradication of symptoms, which does not cause imbalance in the regulatory system, will be very efficient and most likely will lead to a complete elimination of chronic problems.

Awareness-based health management is a simple technology containing basic principles of managing one’s health that can be learned by everyone.

The main effect of learning is removing fears associated with the body and developing self-sensitivity (proprioception) and awareness, which, in turn, offers effective tools for overcoming and preventing various health issues. Use of breathing and physical practice multiplies the effects of awareness and brings the organism to a completely new, higher level of performance. It can be measured by the decreasing intensity of most symptoms; or their painfulness, if they are caused by a severe functional deficit. As a result of long-term research, Western authors found that patients who are open to positive changes experience 30-40% less heart issues depending on the age group. The closest approach in Western countries is being represented by a stress reduction technology developed in the Memorial Medical Center of Massachusetts University by John Kabat-Zinn, MD. This technology (known as ‘Mindfulness’) is currently supported by the US National Institutes of Health. Fundamental research and implementation has just started: the Russian Medical Society has established various working groups with renowned doctors, physicians and bio-physical specialists in order to develop methods for clinical use and implementation of these methods.

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May 28
Dmitry Shamenkov