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Bad Boy's Property is book 1 of the Lost Disciples MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Bad Boy's Protection and Bad Boy's Power are available everywhere now!

He tied me down and took me like he owned me.

I'm not his property. I refuse to be.

But the bad boy biker isn't giving me much choice.

The harder I try to escape the MC life…

The harder he pins me down and owns me.


My father is dead. And now the monsters are coming after me.

I didn't know what to feel while I watched my father's body get lowered into the ground.

Part of me was devasted, of course – no daughter should have to bury her father.

But part of me couldn't help but be relieved.

Because I want no part of my dad's criminal empire.

I just want to be left the hell alone.

His enemies, his allies, all of them – get away from me.

But Griffin won't take no for an answer.

I'll admit it – I let him get too close.

That was my mistake.

But it might have been a fatal one.

Because Griffin will never be content with just one kiss, just one touch.

He won't stop until he's consumed all of me.

And the scariest part of all?

I don't want him to stop.

I'm dying to see just how far the bad boy can take me.


I'm everything she never wanted.

I'm tatted and mean.

I'm rugged and ruthless.

I'm a leather-bound, inked-up son of a b!tch who seizes what he wants and doesn't let go until I've gotten every bit of pleasure I can wring out of it.

And that includes her:


The delicate little princess.

She says she just wants to leave everything behind and run from her father's legacy.

But the outlaw world is not so easy to get away from.

Us bikers cling to what we want.

And I want her.

I want her to beg me for release.

I want her to moan my name into the rafters.

I want her to realize that I own her body, her mind, her heart and soul.

Above all, I want her to see the truth:

She's my property now.

March 18
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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